Entry Requirements

  • Mean grade of C+ (plus) at KCSE or its equivalent with at least C+ (plus) in the following subjects: Mathematics/Physics, Chemistry/Physical Sciences, Biology/Biological Sciences and English/Kiswahili.
  • Holders of diploma certificates with a credit pass from recognized institutions with mean grade of C (plain) at KCSE or Division II at EACE and two years of relevant working experience.


All Units are Core in this Programme

University common units 

UCU 100: Communication Skills

UCU 103: Creative and Critical Thinking

UCU 104: Entrepreneurship


School Common Unit

HSU 100: Basic Life skills

Level 100

PHP100: Foundations of Health Promotion

PHP 101: Public Health Microbiology  

PPH 101: Foundations and Principles of Population Health

PHP 102: Public Health Parasitology

PHP 103: Health Promotion Theory and Practice 

PPH 116: Anatomy and Physiology for Human Populations

PPH 117: Biostatistics for Public Health

PPH 118: Community Health Strategy and Primary Health Care

PHP 104: Basics of Environmental Chemistry


Level 200

PHP 200: Health Promotion Strategies

HEH 200: Introduction to Epidemiology 

PHP 201: Nutrition for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

HEH 201: Environmental Biochemistry

PHP 202: Social and Behavioral Approaches to Public Health

PHP 203: Counseling in Health Promotion

PHP 204: Workplace Health Promotion

PHP 205: Communications in Public Health

PHP 206: Ethics in Health Promotion

PHP 207: Attachment 1

PPH 208: Communicable Diseases

PPH 217: Human Psychology and Health

PPH 221: Immunology of Environmental Diseases


Level 300

PPH 300: Research Methods

PHP 300: Health Promotion in Reproductive Health

PHP 301: Public Health Law, Policy and Advocacy

PHP 302: Health Systems Organization 

PHP 303: Human Resource Management for Health

PHP 304: Occupational Diseases

PHP 305: Community Oral Health Promotion

PPH 305: Non-communicable and Lifestyle Diseases  

PHP 306: Public Health Toxicology

PHP 307: Attachment 11

PPH 314: Community Oriented Primary Health Care

PPH 315: Population Health Informatics

PPH 317: Child Health

PPH 308 Maternal Health


Level 400

PHP 400: Global Public Health

PHP 401: Resource Mobilization for Health Promotion

PHP 402: Methods and Teaching Strategies in Health Education 

PHP 403: Public Relations in Health Promotion

PHP 404: Health Promotion in Emergencies

HEH 404: Introduction to Pharmacology

PHP 405: School Health Promotion 

PHP 406: Financial Management for Health Care Organizations 

PHP 407: Stress Management and Mental Health Promotion

PHP 408: Health Promotion for Geriatrics 

PHP 409: Health Promotion Program Planning Management, Monitoring and Evaluation

PPH 409: Drug and Substance Abuse

PHP 410: Research project