Rotich Jonathan Kimtai Position: Outdoor Technician
Department: Department of Recreation Management and Exercise Science
Area of Specialization:
Contact Address:
P.O. Box 43844-00100
Nairobi – Kenya
E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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  • Rotich Jonathan Kimtai,Nkatha Muthomi, David Muigai (2020). Statistical Analysis of Outdoor Adventure Facilitation Efficacy in Kenya: Statistical Modelling and Sports business analytics. 1st Edition 2020, Routledgeand Taylor & Francis, Chap 12.
  • Rotich J.K. (2018) Instructors’ perceived facilitation efficacy in outdoor adventure programs in Kenya- a case study of Kenya school of adventure and leadership. Unpublished Masters Thesis.
  • Kamau W.J., Njenga G. D., Goodwin Y., Muthomi N., Rotich K. J. (2017). Leisure from International Voices: A Kenyan Perspective. In Henderson K., & Sivan A. (Eds). Leisure from International Voices (pp 99-110), Sagamore Venture, Urbana. ISBN: ebook, 978-1-57167-888-1. ISBN: 978-1-57167-887-4.


  • Feb 2019 Workshop by anti-doping agency of Kenya
  • Feb 2019 Post -Graduate studies guideline development workshop
  • Feb 2019 Pre-hospital emergency risk management in Afro-Alphine Mountain areas in East Africa
  • April 2019 Sports management facilitation
  • Sep 2016 Physical activity and sports for health and development in Africa (PASHDA) 2016 conference
  • April 2015 Axiology labs- physiology and anatomy workshop