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Remarks from the coordinator

The establishment of the Kenyatta University Baby Day Care Center is part of the ongoing corporate social responsibility efforts aimed at promoting sustainable individual and societal development. This is also in line with the World Health Organization’s (WHO) recommendation of exclusive breast feeding up to 24 months of age alongside appropriate complementary feeding. In addition, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) explicitly recognizes the need for parents to receive assistance in their childcare responsibilities.
Increasing parents’ commitments in a fast-paced work and academic environment pose a great challenge to parenting. This is more challenging for parents with children below three (3) years as they strive to strike a balance between work place, family and childcare responsibilities. The center provides day care services for babies of Kenyatta University staff and students between 3-36 months
The center is seen not only as a benefit for workers but also as part of the corporate social responsibility policy of KU and its efforts to promote sustainable individual and societal development. In addition, the KUDCC will ensure that KU continues to be a “…preeminent institution dedicated to its core functions of teaching, learning, research and service to community…”
The baby day care center attends to needs of babies at their tender age when they need more special care, support and protection from potential abuse. This will ensure that the Childs’ earliest experiences have positive long lasting effects on the children’s development. It provides feeding areas at the working place and learning place so that mothers can easily breast feed their young ones without interrupting their academic and work schedules.
I call upon all the staff and students of Kenyatta University to take up the wonderful opportunities availed by the center in providing safe, accessible, affordable and high-quality daycare services to babies.

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