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The services provided by the center will include:

(a) Full Day Care

This will mean the total care of a child for a period of more than 5 hours. Children in full day care will require nutritious meals, rest periods, and an educational care programme of well thought out activities.


(b) Half day/ Sessional day care

This will entail the provision of a planned programme of activities for a period of up to but not more than 5 hours. As the children are in attendance for only part of the day, it may not be necessary to provide the same degree of facilities as a full day care service.


(c) Drop in Childcare

This will involve part of a customer/client service where children are cared for a short period of time while the parent is not able to temporarily attend to care for the child. This will include a period of less than 5 hours.


Specific services offered to the babies include:

• Health care monitoring and advice from qualified nursing staff
• Check vital signs in the morning e.g. temperature, stool status, nose bleeding
• Direct communication with the parents in case of emergency
• Monitoring of developmental milestones of the babies
• Monitor nutritional status of the babies
• Changing of babies
• Food warming
• Exercise and play
• Feeding the babies
• Putting babies to sleep
• Potty training of the babies

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